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Top 3 ways to save during busy summer months


Save money with durable glassware. 

Stop looking at the glass half empty; a long-lasting drinking glass with competitive pricing and rapid delivery is possible! If you’re sick of breaking glasses, then maybe it’s time to invest in ultra-durable glassware. With a built-in stackable ledge and the right storage and washing procedures, your days of constantly replacing glasses are over. 

At United Trimen, our team can support yours through specific knowledge of tempered glass vs. partially tempered vs. annealed – and all the ways a cold glass of iced tea is so much more than just an iced tea. With central warehousing and short lead times, United can ship rapidly directly to you with over 6,000 items in stock and ready for you.

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Save time with storage options for back of house.

We are proud to carry everything you need to keep the back of house shining from top-to-bottom. But, what about storage? Efficient storage solutions can help your staff save time and help you save money by being able to stock up. 

We offer all the shelving, racks, and storage solutions your restaurant could need! Maybe it’s time to outfit your space for maximum efficiency of your floor space and storage demands. At United Trimen, we’re here to consult with you to maximize your operation.

Store It Right 



Keep your sizing straight with the right tools.

We all know that portioning is ultra-important to your bottom line, but good tools can help you with more than just serving sizes. Using colour-coded ladles, scoopers, containers, and measuring instruments can help you avoid cross contamination and the spread of allergens. United Trimen has tools in every size your team needs to ensure proportions are consistent, safe, and right every single time.

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UNITED TRIMEN has been supplying restaurants across Canada with the tools of the trade for decades. (Since 1947, to be exact!) So, not only do we carry an incredible selection of everything from flatware to food safety equipment, but we also only stock tools that we 100% stand behind.

If you’re ready to place an order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our specialists. Our team is happy to support you in the ordering process and if you have any questions, we have answers. 


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