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Let’s Talk About Setting the Table

Want to make mealtime memorable? Don’t forget the importance of dinnerware. Using the proper plates and bowls can instantly elevate any dining experience, from enhancing presentation to establishing your brand identity.

With so many options to peruse, choosing the perfect dishes can feel overwhelming.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cuisine: Soup, sushi, or sandwiches? There’s a plate or bowl for everything. Determining the types of food(s) you’ll be serving will help narrow down your search.


  • Size: Portions, presentation, and the amount of storage space will all impact how much surface area you’ll need. Larger plates allow for edible works of art while smaller ones take up less space on the table and in the kitchen.


  • Design: This is where it gets personal. Selecting dinnerware that fits your establishment’s aesthetic creates an immersive dining experience. Consider this as you explore colors, shapes, materials, and textures.


  • Versatility: Changing up your menu? Make sure you’ve got plates and bowls that can accommodate a variety of dishes. Your budget will thank you.


  • Durability: Meal after meal, wash after wash, you need dinnerware that’ll stand the test of time—and a busy kitchen. 



Small Boost every item on your menu with exquisite dishware

The right dinner plates will make your entrees shine. From circular to square, white cream to topaz blue, our selection of dinner plates offers a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials to choose from. So, whether you’re plating decadent dishes or providing guests with plenty of room for all of their selections, these designs will make your creations pop.

Coupe Plates

Rimless and flat, coupe plates have a minimalistic design that provides a blank canvas to keep the focus on your food, making any dish a masterpiece. These timeless styles are durable and easily stackable, serving a wide variety of foods from saucy pastas to spicy tapas.

Pizza Plates

When it comes to everyone’s favorite food, guests are always gonna need room for more. Our pizza plates feature a wide surface area and minimal lip, ideal for clean slicing and serving of those irresistible pies.

Serving Plates

Redefine room service with serving platters that put your appetizers, desserts, and other bites on display for groups of hungry guests. Select from a variety of sizes and styles, to make it easy for anyone to fill their plate—and go back for seconds.

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Restock your roster of bowls for every recipe

From serving up hearty soups to passing around crunchy salads, bowls are an essential part of your dinnerware lineup. With our wide selection, you can discover new and delicious ways to elevate all of your bowl-based dishes.

Salad Bowls

Present fresh, flavorful salads in sleek bowls that highlight the vivid hues and varied textures. Whether you’re providing individual servings or passing around family-style portions, our variety of salad bowls provides versatile, vibrant designs for every occasion.

Soup Bowls

Soup is so in-season right now. But did you know there’s a bowl for every soup? Hot, cold, creamy, or broth-based… Our stylish selection of soup bowls offers deep bottoms and wide rims, making room for special garnishes and a big hearty scoop of soup.

Serving Bowls

Please pass the potatoes! Serving bowls deliver family-style foods seamlessly while making sharing a cinch. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate a multitude of menu options and guest lists.

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