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Cheers! Holiday glassware made easy


From classic cocktails  to sparkling champagne.

Extra touches make the holiday special. We know how long you spent curating your holiday drink menu. After hours of work, the last thing you want is for drinks to fall flat because they were served in the wrong glass. Luckily, choosing the right glassware for the holiday season couldn’t be simpler.


Choose the right glass.

Start by considering your drink menu. What are the hero ingredients? Sultry smoked sage, hardworking hops, sensational cinnamon whiskey? Your glasses should make these elements shine. Even the humble ale deserves its day in the sun (or snifter).


How does drinkware impact a beverage?

Beer: The best beer glass shows off a brew’s color, clarity, carbonation, and aromas; protects or facilitates heat transfer from the drinker’s hand; and is sturdy enough to endure a round of “cheers.”

Wine: The right wine glass will highlight a wine’s aroma (reds), maintain a wine’s temperature (whites), and preserve carbonation (sparkling). And, let’s be honest, beautiful toasts are catnip for your social media-savvy guests. 

Cocktails: The perfect cocktail glass will prompt drinkers to take their time when drinks are strong, or to relax and enjoy themselves when you’re serving something easy-drinking.

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United Restaurant Supplies’ favorite glasses, and why we love them.


  • Pilsners: This lightly fluted glass maintains the beer’s head and showcases the beer’s aromas.
  • Belgian: The Belgian glass’ short stem encourages drinkers to hold this glass by the bowl so the beer absorbs warmth from the hands. 
  • Pub glasses: This timeless design is easy to stack and supports a good frothy head.
  • Stemware: For beers that command an elevated flavor profile and a higher price point, stemware should be your glass of choice.
  • Steins and mugs: Roomy and durable, these handled vessels are begging to be filled with easy-drinking ales and enjoyed with friends. 
  • Basics: The bartender’s workhorse, basic glasses are ready for whatever’s on tap. 
  • Flights: Surprise and delight customers by serving up a little of everything on beautiful flight boards.


  • Stemware: Stemmed glassware keeps the drinker’s hands away from the bowl, preserving the wine temperature. With traditional stemmed glassware, you can curate an elevated experience by choosing the perfect glass for each wine on your menu. 
  • Stemless: This practical adaptation makes a glass of wine harder to accidentally spill, because the center of gravity (the bowl) is lower than its stemmed counterpart. In addition to making drinks feel modern and unpretentious, stemless glasses are easier to store. 
  • Flutes: Made for bubbles, these are what you need for a NYE toast. 


  • Coupe: The wide, shallow glass highlights the color and aroma of high-end cocktails.
  • Rocks: These sturdy glasses never let you down, whether you need to muddle, add perfectly clear ice, or serve spirits straight-up.
  • Tall: The most versatile cocktail glass on our roster, just fill with ice and you’re ready for action.
  • Martini: The iconic “v” is ideal for stiff, strained drinks, and a variety of signature seasonal cocktails.

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