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Buffets, Beverages, and Birdies: Oh My!

Canada food equipment

As temperatures start to rise, trees begin to blossom, and birdies start to soar, one thing is clear: golf season almost here. Which means it’s time to make sure your establishment is stocked to keep hungry golfers happy before and after they enjoy eighteen holes.

We’re proud to be your premier destination for top-quality Canadian food equipment and restaurant supplies. So as the countdown begins, let our Buffet and Catering Lookbook help you get stocked up with everything you’ll need for a successful season.

Our Buffet & Catering Lookbook



Upgrade your offerings with style and ease

Greet ravenous golfers with a mouth-watering buffet stocked with delicious dishes that will keep them coming back for more. 

Risers from Steelite’s Fusion Buffet System can take your dining presentation to the next level. Mixing in a medley of heights can effortlessly break up a crowded buffet, making a stocked table feel less overwhelming to guests.

Looking to heat things up? The Induction Chafer Collection from Steelite offers stylishly discreet ways to keep heating lamps hidden within risers, so food stays warm without needing an open flame.

Don’t forget to add a touch of your establishment’s personality to your presentation. For a fun, festive vibe, explore our assortment of colorful serving dishes that boldly complement your cuisine. For a warmer, more rustic feel, the Root(R) Collection from FOH features ultra-lightweight, durable, and sustainable platters and risers carved from fallen trees. For a sophisticated touch, the Upton Collection from American Metalcraft, Inc. offers a mix of espresso-finished wood display items perfectly paired with crystal clear domes to elegantly display foods.

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Make it easy for guests to dine on-the-go

For golfers seeking a quick bite before their tee time, offer an enticing selection of bagels, pastries, and other portable treats. 

Drawers and dispensers keep baked goods fresh all morning. The Modulite(™) Shelving Collection makes it easy to create a market-style display that allows guests to quickly pack a snack.

Portable containers, such as the Blend Collection’s stylish Bento box-inspired line, provide sealable, stackable ways for food to travel. The Grab & Go Collection from American Metalcraft, Inc. is a reusable collection made of dishwasher-safe melamine that securely packs on-the-go meals.

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Serve up refreshments after every round

Create thirst-quenching beverage displays with our wide array of drink serving options in timeless finishes, such as black metal and bamboo. Opt for glass containers when you want your drink colors to add a fun pop of pizazz. Multi-use items, such as insulated carafes, make it a breeze to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks chilled.

Want to make happy hour really memorable? Construct a cocktail wall. These chic set-ups let guests easily grab a drink without ever waiting in line at the bar. Steelite’s sophisticated solution lets you showcase drinks along with buzzy garnishes and eye-catching glassware.

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Stock up on equipment that’ll make your menu shine

Adult snow cones, anyone? Perhaps some grilled pineapple sliders? Once golf season’s in full swing, you’ll want to be ready with the right kitchen equipment to serve up summer specialties.



Crushed, cubed, shaved, or specially shaped—when the weather’s warm, ice is an absolute essential. Up your beverage service with ice machines, storage bins, and molds that make any drink a delight, from sweet tea to pina coladas.



There’s nothing like coming off the green greeted by the smells from a grill. State-of-the-art barbecues and smokers make it easy to add seasonally authentic dishes to your menu. These durable, long-lasting cookers serve up summer goodness, from grilled pizzas and charbroiled burgers to signature smoked meats and fish.



Early morning tee times typically call for a strong cup of coffee. Serve up specialty brews, teas, and other signature drinks with top-of-the-line brewers, warmers, and urns that keep beverages hot and fresh. Want to offer a seasonal spin? Iced coffee will wow guests when the temps are scorching.


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