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Ditch the dings and dents


Keeping restaurants up and running since 1947

Whether your resolution for 2023 is to replace equipment that has seen better days, add a scoop or two to your tool kit, or start completely shiny and new, United Trimen has you covered. Our comprehensive catalog means you can find everything you need to keep your front and back of house running ship-shape in the new year and beyond. This includes durable prep tools, flatware, dinnerware, seating, and more. Plus, our team of exceptionally knowledgeable specialists are ready to guide you through the ordering process with ease. 



Ditch the dinged and dented equipment

You shouldn’t have to worry about sub-par prep tools failing just before Friday’s lunch rush… In fact, we’d prefer if you didn’t think about your prep items at all because they’re just that high performing. As a team of restaurant pros, we only supply the most trustworthy tools—from cutting boards to cake pans, and spoodles to cheese graters. For no-nonsense supplies that work as hard as the lunch crew, peruse our catalog or contact one of our helpful specialists.


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Pick the perfect plate 

The power of the plate extends beyond a momentary first impression. Did you know that brown plates don’t make people feel very hungry? And that cheese has a sharper flavor after people spend time looking at jagged shapes? The color of your dishware can even impact how people perceive sweet and salty flavors in their food. With that being said, choosing the right dinnerware can feel like a high-pressure decision, but with our exceptional team of former chefs and product specialists, it doesn’t have to be. 



Pull up a chair… or a barstool… or a high top…

Nothing helps beat the winter blues like scheming about your summer patio setups. Our robust selection of patio seating, tables, and other necessities is the stuff sun-filled daydreams are made of. So, if you’re planning on sacrificing a few parking spaces for the sake of outdoor dining or just upgrading your current setup, we’ve got what you need.

United Trimen is a people-focused company built on the principles of integrity and good service at a fair price. We’re staffed by folks who have cut their teeth in commercial kitchens and really know their stuff. These specialists are ready to breeze through the ordering process—whether you’re building a patio, replenishing your cutting boards, or stocking up on salt and pepper shakers.


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